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Victor Cruz & Rashad Jennings; huge losses for the New York Giants

NFL | Justin Groc G-Men H.Q.

Cruz has let it be known that he will be back and be just as productive offering fans hope via his social media accounts. In other news. Week 1 in the books! Week 1 in the books!

Maple Leafs beaten handily by Chara-less Bruins

NHL | Neil Davidson The Globe and Mail

Hamilton, a Toronto native, also had two assists. Toronto showed some spark after that but it was too late. Both teams finished with 33 shots.

Tomorrow's Top 25 Today: Week 9

NCAA Football | Jerry Eye on College Football

Here's where the poll stood entering this week, and here's our Week 9 projection. Teams marked with an asterisk have yet to play or have a game in progress.

Royals suspect Giants of trying to slow them down

MLB | his side — Stow hollered Tampa Bay Times

SAN FRANCISCO When it comes to the Royals' running game, Kansas City manager Ned Yost thinks the Giants are being sticks in the mud. Whoo!

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